The series continues on things that it would have been good to know earlier in your marriage relationship, but no time like the present to bring a new...View Details

Continuing in this series about 'What We Wish We Knew', Chad and Angela discuss the influence our families of origin had on shaping our level of comfo...View Details

Chad and Angela continue their talk about in-laws in this episode, drawing out a few outliers from the previous segment. While it IS important that yo...View Details

(During this episode, Angela's mic dropped out a few times. We recovered the sound, but it's slightly distorted. We apologize for that- this is not ou...View Details

Just finishing up with the new material the Imhoffs wrote for engaged couples, they realized there were so many things "They Wished They Had Known" be...View Details

Wrapping up their first full year, the Imhoffs revisit some key points from previous episodes and share the importance of taking care of each other. D...View Details

Underneath the content of our fights there is a narrative. A story we tell ourselves; about ourselves, about our partner and about our relationship. W...View Details

This episode marks the first full year the Connecting Couples Podcast. The Imhoffs celebrate a little and then look back over the year at some of the ...View Details

In this special episode, Chad and Angela respond to a listener who wrote in asking about finding a partner and then learning the same language. Dating...View Details

In this episode, Chad and Angela warp up this series by encouraging you to consider the mindset you had when you were dating your spouse. Can you reme...View Details

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