November Promo 2021

A few set backs have delayed the release of the new series, but Chad and Angela are getting back on track. While they are recording the upcoming serie...View Details

October 2021 PROMO

New Podcast Series coming soon on Withdrawers and Pursuers. Plus a few specific topics like- Grief and Addiction. Look for those mid October.  Also- C...View Details

Before wrapping this series up, Chad and Angela get really practical about a vital part of staying connected, and that is doing forgiveness work often...View Details

With just a few more episodes in this series, Chad and Angela reiterate how hard this process is. The patterns and strategies we have been leaning on ...View Details

Once we have our partner's attention, how do we let them know what we need from them to support us in our experience? This process is layered. First, ...View Details

Continuing their series on things they wish they had known earlier, Chad and Angela put into application the idea from the previous episode; A.R.E. No...View Details

In last week's episode we discussed T.E.M.P., a great way to identify what is happening for you internally. In this week's episode we take that awaren...View Details

The Real Imhoffs keep this series of What We Wish We Knew going with this internal dive into self awareness. If we back up before cycles and before Pu...View Details

The series continues on things that it would have been good to know earlier in your marriage relationship, but no time like the present to bring a new...View Details

Continuing in this series about 'What We Wish We Knew', Chad and Angela discuss the influence our families of origin had on shaping our level of comfo...View Details

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