There are clearly things that can be done to schedule, planning holidays, vacations, having budget talks, keeping a family night, going on dates... bu...View Details

Its the small things we do on a daily basis that can really have an impact on how our connection feels. In this episode of their maintenance series, C...View Details

Monday hits and it's already Friday. The weeks come quick and are filled with lots of opportunities to connect that we often miss. In this episode of ...View Details

In this episode of the Marriage Maintenance Series, Chad and Angela share the practical and necessary conversations to connect with your partner on a ...View Details

How do you and your partner ensure that yearly events in your relationship go as smoothly as possible? From the fun things, like your wedding annivers...View Details

The Real Imhoffs shift gears a little in this series to cue up conversations that are preventative in nature. Just like a vehicle needs proactive care...View Details

When you get sick, can you let your partner know what you need or how you prefer to be cared for? When your partner gets sick, do you feel you have a ...View Details

Sometimes the best way to know how you will responds is to review how you have responded. In this episode of their "Sick At Home" series, Chad and Ang...View Details

In this episode of their series about being 'Sick At Home', Chad and Angela cue up the conversation for couples to talk about where they learned how t...View Details

In this new series Dr. Chad Imhoff and his wife Angela discuss how the interactions between couples play out when one partner gets sick. In this first...View Details

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