Underneath the content of our fights there is a narrative. A story we tell ourselves; about ourselves, about our partner and about our relationship. W...View Details

This episode marks the first full year the Connecting Couples Podcast. The Imhoffs celebrate a little and then look back over the year at some of the ...View Details

In this special episode, Chad and Angela respond to a listener who wrote in asking about finding a partner and then learning the same language. Dating...View Details

In this episode, Chad and Angela warp up this series by encouraging you to consider the mindset you had when you were dating your spouse. Can you reme...View Details

Withdrawers are stoic, steady, and maintain composure in the face of chaos and conflict. It's why we love them. Withdrawers also don't want to get it ...View Details

Pursuers have energy and charisma. They plan great events and keep things on track. Some of the unpleasant things pursuers are known for are the very ...View Details

Do you ever consider the amount of effort that you and your partner put into impressing each other when you were dating. The curiosity. The intentiona...View Details

In this final episode of their mini-series on speaking The Same Language, The Imhoffs help you apply the tools from the previous episode and also set ...View Details

Have you ever tried to explain something to your partner, but they just don't understand? What if you could both speak the same language? In this epis...View Details

Have you ever felt that you were clearly communicating yet your partner just wasn't understanding? It happens in all relationships. No matter how clea...View Details

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